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Aug 30, 2005
Journal Move

Sorry kids i have moved my journal to Livejournal
Find me on LiveJournal!

Posted at 05:06 pm by sho
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Aug 12, 2005

Well things in my life have calmed down since the party. I am now back to working on getting a job. I am applying to work at architecture firms and advertising firms. I am trying to find focus and balance from the inside out. So that is why my new image is that of water.

Posted at 09:43 pm by sho
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Aug 6, 2005
spinabbatical aftermath

The spinabbatical was off the CHAIN!!! I so lost everything but my buzz. It was hot all over there were PEOPLE, VIDEOS, & ALCOHOL. The kids were not ready. When I get the pictures they will so be on here in a heart beat and if this girl emails me those pictures I will have a new facebook picture oh yeah. When I really wake up maybe I will be able to type more oh the party stopped around 5 or 6 am hmmm and I wam typing at 946 am hmmmm. Hehehee oh yeah and I DID NOT PASS OUT!!!!!!

Posted at 09:49 am by sho
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Aug 3, 2005


What does this mean KIDS!?!?!?

I get to do what ever I want and have FUN!!!!!

I have received a couple of phone calls and had people write on my facebook wall :o) SO YAY! AND I have already gotten my first gift.

IT IS A STAR how great is that
This is the link to see it

The plan so far is go drop off a resume and then run around town doing whatever I want. I dunno I think I will end up mixing some music and videos. That makes me happy!!!!


Posted at 12:12 pm by sho
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Aug 2, 2005
YAY for Life

OMG guess what tomorrow is


Get ready it is time for the next step in evolution. I plan on being bigger and better than ever before. People be prepared to be scorched by the ampíed up fire of a TRUE LEO

Anyways the plans so far are nothing on my actual birthday but I will be having a freakin awesome party (in collaboration with marcus F. daniels) hehe but it will be great and I did the flyer there are three two hand out kinds and one big one with a map. I think I will put the hottest hand out one on my blog b/c it wonít take up as much space. And someone asked me if it was like an annual thing b/c the flyer looked so professional and I am like HELLS YEAH I am profession grade skill. :o)

But Upbeat Downbeat productions is the brain child of me and marcus and we are going to have a freakin awesome ass party.

Oh yeah I will premier my music video mixing at this party so we will see how that goes an I am debating on whether or not I am going to do the other music in the other room. HMMMMMMMM I dunno. It is debatable because the newest member to upbeat downbeat said he would mix some music so I think I will take a chance and see what he will do. SO I can focus on having some hot video and music.

Posted at 02:47 pm by sho
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Jul 29, 2005
Anger & Dismay

Ok I am beyond a bit pissed off right now I am almost at the point of wanting to cry b/c these fucking underpaid part-time bitches at Kinkoís canít fucking bind shit right. OK everyone knows I have been working on my portfolio for a minute now. MORE LIKE WEEKS TO ALMOST A MONTH OR SO!!! But I finally got it done and took it to be bound on like Wednesday I think. Well the heffa working was like ummm we canít do the tape binding b/c it is to thick and I donít think that we can guarantee that it will stay together. SO I am like ok. Well I want one to be done spiral and one done with the comb. OK that was two of them. Well I go back on Thursday to pick them up all happy and everything and I decide that I like the way that spiral looks better than the comb which kinda sucks b/c the spiral was on the one I was going to use interviews because it wasnít cut straight and there were little imperfections that I would notice and didnít want to send to any firms. Well I give them two more and tell them to put a spiral on them.
Well while I am waiting for the woman to give me a new ticket to pick up my stuff I start going thru my portfolio with the spiral I notice one whole page wasnít even connected. They had cut it on the edge so it wouldnít even stay in. So I am like umm maíam this page was cut on the edge can you fix it and she does and I am all good. Well I go ahead and leave and go to the library where I look thru the rest. I FIND 5 MORE PAGES THE SAME WAY. Well I deal and go back and they fix it.
TODAY these BITCHES give me back my LAST TWO portfolioís that I have b/c I have run out of my good 20LB 25% cotton paper and I find 15 pages FUCKED UP in EACH of them. Well I was cool at first and I was like these pages were cut at the edge fix them. Well guy comes over and it is like ok. Then like a few moments later he comes over and he is like we will have to re-align it and cut down the side. Which I was somewhat ok with b/c I had planned on have them bound the other way so there was a half inch margin for whatever. Well he is like it may punch thru some stuff. My thinking was it will be ok I planned on this shit.
He gives it back to me and everything is in there no pages are falling out but shit looks FUCKED UP and I am like these BITCHES have ruined two portfolios on good paper, and to make it worse I donít even want to show them to people b/c holes and coils are going thru some of my work. And to make it worse I am trying to get a job at an arch firm and they will be like this kid didnít even take the time to make sure stuff is ok with details on a portfolio why would we want him to work on a Building. So I am just seriously upset. Because I am very critical and detail oriented person and for some fucking lilí bitch to fuck up my stuff that pisses me off. I will not be going back there ever again with my money anyways. FUCK KINKOíS AND THEIR STAFF

And to top things off my mom went out to get food and she didnít get me anything. SO I am not only irritated and pissed off but MUTHA FUCKINí HUNGRY DAMN IT

I need a drink!

But other than that I had a decent day I got to go to b-ham and close the godiva store here in Huntsville. Fun all around. 

Posted at 09:11 pm by sho
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Jul 27, 2005

Today is a big day because it has come down to do or die time. Since, the firms in Nashville have had two weeks yesterday to get into contact with me and they havenít other than like an automated email saying we have received your resume. Well I am about to go out and hit the firms here. GAG I know this is a last resort and I should give them so more time, but to those that know me I am not the type to take my time. Instinct, Experience, and Drive are what are getting to go ahead and do this.

OK some of you may be asking why are you going ahead and getting job if your parents will let you stay there. Well I have this lilí thing I call a plan. My plan is to work for a year. So, I will have a full year of work experience by the time I go to grad school which will be Aug/Sept 2006. And to have a full year I need to be working by mid August. The people in Nashville have a two week head start on Huntsville. So, if they want me they can come and get me.

Back to Portfolio News
Some people that have gotten it havenít responded from Illinois to Mississippi. Oh well!! It only needs to be bound and it will be done and that will be happening TODAY!!!! WOW I feel as tho I have accomplished something. Well I have and I shall pat myself on the back and send thanks to all the people that helped me to make it great. Smooches and Love to you ALL!!

Post PortfoÖ
I will get home after dropping off resumes and probably eat then I will be back on track to learning French and studying for the dreaded GMAT
Anyways maybe I should start writing in my blog as tho it is a show with scene directions and such hmmmmmmmmmm we will see.

Facebook new pic YAY how I feel today like FIRE BooooYAAAAAHHHH

It is the time of the LEO let your FIRE OUT!!!!

Posted at 11:05 am by sho
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Jul 23, 2005
Portfolio Relief

Goodness you would not believe the grief this portfolio has been, but I am now cutting pages and I will have two copies ready to be bound on Sunday or Monday depending on if I go out. Hehehe Well I went and saw the Fantastic Four last nite and it was alright. It definitely wasnít fantastic. Well today I helped move some of my momís stuff working on the portfolio, and learned some new stuff about this mixing software. Now, I can put video in with my music mixes. One step closer to a video bar. Watch out world!!!! Oh yeah the house is still hot and I am about to die. I miss my peeps from school. :o(
The plans for the nite are still open!?!?

This is how i am feeling today. It is a image i made to represent earth. I think it has a sense of being grounded.

Posted at 10:54 pm by sho
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Jul 21, 2005
Portfolio Issues

OMG this freakin portfolio is ridiculous. I am seriously the issues with getting it printed and all the things you realize when it comes out the printer. OK paper is to thin to be printed on front and back GRRRRRRRR Kinkoís charges to much to print hell I could buy a new printer for the price they want to charge. All other printing places donít have the binding I want for my portfolio. Kinkoís I have to go to them damn them hehehehe oh I realized I have to change or remove my page numbering. I also have to redo the graphics on the pages too it is just out of control but I will have it done this week damn it.

Posted at 04:46 pm by sho
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Jul 19, 2005
Oblivion in Huntsville

Yesterday was a bore along with be excessively hot. So the mission for the day is to get out the HOT HOUSE. I did absolutely nothing yesterday I feel so bad. Well I did put some stuff on the blog but that isnít like work work type stuff.
Today the plan is to print my portfolio and get it copied front and back and get a couple copies bound. We will see how that goes.

Posted at 11:04 am by sho
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